5 Great Parks in and Around Grass Lake, MI

April 23rd, 2021 by

What started as a few buildings sprouting up around a rail depot has now become a welcoming village with a charming main street. Grass Lake is a great place to live, its residents are healthy and active, and there is no shortage of nature to enjoy nearby.

1. Little Wolf Lake County Park
Michigan has plenty of lakes, and Little Wolf Lake is one of our favorite spots for fishing and boating. It is one of a chain of seven connecting lakes, so it’s possible to set out in the morning and stay on the water all day.

The park offers a small lakefront beach where swimmers can test their bravery against the cold water. A playground, picnic shelters, and restrooms can also be found at this small park.

2. Sackrider Hill
The hill is a place of local legends. In winters past, when the hill wasn’t so overgrown with trees, kids would race down the slopes in sleds and toboggans. And for many years, a cross used for Easter sunrise service welcomed folks at the top.

A more sinister legend involves a local ghost. Residents claim the ghost of a girl can be seen in the woods on the hill. We don’t know, but the hill is still a fun place to hike. The cross can still be seen at a nearby church.

3. Waterloo State Recreation Area
Traveling north just a bit will take visitors to the third-largest park in the state. 21,000 acres of forests, trails, wetlands, and lakes welcome thousands of visitors each year. Folks can easily spend a week here camping, fishing, and hiking.

The trails are suitable for hikers, horseback riders, and cyclists. With over 50 miles of trails, there is sure to be something for everyone. The campsites are well-equipped, and the facilities are clean. Be sure to check out the Discovery Center while you’re there to learn about the area.

4. Watkins Lake State Park and County Reserve
This park is named after a family of settlers who first came to the area and we’re glad they did because this park is a gem. Part recreation area and part nature reserve, this park is famous for wide-open spaces, fresh air, and having plenty of elbow room.

Watkins Lake sits at the center of the reserve and waterfowl are plentiful making this a great spot for birdwatching. The five-mile trail is flat and meanders through open farmland. Dogs will love roaming here, but be on the lookout for ticks.

5. Grass Lake County Park
This park, sitting at the edge of the lake, was built in 1941. It’s the perfect getaway right in town for a quick picnic, trip to the playground for the kids, or to dip your toes in the lake from the beach.

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