The Waterloo State Recreation Area is Open for You

April 23rd, 2021 by

Understandably, it’s easy to start feeling more cooped up than usual when the colder months start to settle in. But for nature-lovers, a few leaves turning red isn’t enough to deter them from the great outdoors, especially when getting fresh air is one of the best things you can do for your health these days. In Michigan, one of our proudest attractions is the Waterloo State Recreation Area. Here’s what you need to know about this state park.

When Is Waterloo State Recreation Area Open to Visitors?
The simple answer is always, and yes, that does mean in the middle of the pandemic. The state park itself is open year-round, which means visitors always have full access to the grounds. Even with the pandemic, there are actually very few restrictions that can be found, with the exception of the Gerald E. Eddy Discovery Center, which has some limited access rules at the moment.

But as for the rest of the state park? It’s always open season.

What Can You Do At Waterloo State Recreation Area?
Waterloo is a whopping 20,000 acres of gorgeous land teeming with all sorts of activities you can pursue year-round, except for skiing which can naturally only be done when there is snow on the ground. The comprehensive list of activities you can do at this state park include:

Modern, rustic, and equestrian campgrounds
Fishing lakes
Swimming beach
Picnic sites and shelters
Wildlife watch sites
Interpretive nature and equestrian trails
And 47 miles of hiking trails

There’s plenty to do at this state park, including seasonable hunting through the spring and summer months. Come winter, the state park transforms into a winter wonderland fit for skiing and snowmobiling, as well as trail rides and other activities.

Do You Need Reservations?
No. Most of these activities do not require reservations – you can simply show up at the park whenever is convenient for your plans. However, there are some activities that will require advanced registration and reservations, and some activities that may not be permitted at this time. For example, the use of the 3 rustic cabins on-site may not be available. However, you can always contact the Waterloo state park directly to ask about reserving one of the campgrounds.

Your access to other activities may also be limited by the campground you have reserved. Some boating can only be done by campers who have reserved a space at Sugarloaf Lake because the campground is where the lake is located. Other boating can be done through one of the many public boat launches, which can be accessed by vehicle or by foot.

Can You Bring Your Pet?
Absolutely. Waterloo is open to both horses for the equestrian campgrounds and trails, as well as dogs who are restrained to leashes. In fact, all dogs are allowed at all Michigan state parks as long as they remain on-leash at all times.

Waterloo is open to the public year-round for all visitors who are searching for a safe, natural haven for their outdoor activities. As long as you stay within the guidelines for all activities, you can enjoy the wonderful preservation of this natural land today. To learn more about local attractions, stop by and see us at Grass Lake Chevrolet in Grass Lake, MI.

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